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Dictionary of the English Language August 7, 2009

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I thought that this dictionary was awesome. This is a unique dictionary which the author expressed and did what ever he wanted. The word that took my attention was stammel, which means: of this word I know not the meaning. I was like woah, that’s so funny. We read it all with my class and my nice teacher Miss Gaby and realized that there are a lot of existent words that has errors in the definition. The definitions are nothing like the real and actual definition. For example, the word mushroom, its real meaning is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, typically produced above ground on soil or on its food source. And the definition given on the Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary of the English Language says that mushroom is an upstart; a wretch risen from the dunghill; a director of a company.


Johnson’s uses a very easy language that tells us clearly what suppostly the word means. The words are very simple and really understandable. This gives a perspective that he was a very easy and fresh guy. He didn’t complicate his life and he liked simple and plain stuff. He also added in the definitions some sense of humor. There are definitions that when you read it, you start laughing because it is too dull. There is a saying that you are what you write. This is really true because the words that come out of your mouth or your brain comes from the heart.


One observation I made, was that some definitions of the words are really similar to the actual definition of that word. Then my teacher told us that some of the definitions of the words were taken from this dictionary to the Thesaurus. This is really cool because a guy that invented these definitions to all of these words just for having fun, some of these words are actually in the real dictionary globally. The dictionary like the thesaurus are the ones that tells us what word does it mean really because if there is a lot of dictionaries with incoherent definition, and some haven’t a definition like stammel, there will be chaos in communication with other people.


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